Most Valuable Keywords for the Lighting Industry

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Most Valuable Keywords for the Lighting Industry

We did some number crunching to determine some of the more valuable generic keywords and search terms in the lighting industry that people are looking for using google, and thought we would share with you our findings. The Keyword value was determined by the formula $CPC (cost per click) x search volume. Over $100,000 per Month Search Term [home lighting] Est. Value $2,255,020 [lighting] $1,395,000 [lamps] $688,800 [lights] $632,100 [outdoor lighting] $602,730 [fans] $514,140 [bathroom] $477,240 [ceiling fans] $422,550 [chandelier] $414,150 [landscape lighting] $385,990 [bathroom accessories] $375,870 [table lamps] $311,850 [chandeliers] $309,510 [bathrooms] $305,250 [floor lamps] $262,900 [outdoor lights] $258,795 [bathroom vanity] $211,200 [floor lamp] $208,150 [bathroom lighting] $206,910 [ceiling lights] $196,385 [table lamp] $175,380 [lamp shades] $165,615 [bathroom cabinets] $161,995 [bathroom vanities] $154,000 [kichler lighting] $124,764 [lighting fixtures] $124,456 [light fixtures] $122,139 [bathroom design] $118,580 [desk lamps] $118,167 [bathroom furniture] $117,975 [bathroom faucets] $115,519 [tiffany lamps] $111,375 [ceiling light] $108,135 [track lighting] $104,927 [recessed lighting] $104,437 [indoor lighting] $101,286 Over $50,000 per Month [wall lights] $97,020 [bathroom designs] $91,080 [bathroom mirrors] $88,605 [bathroom fixtures] $81,474 [quoizel lighting] $78,892 [wall sconces] $75,067 [exterior lighting] $71,188 [kitchen lighting] $69,647 [bathroom mirror] $65,610 [sconces] $62,826 [pendant lighting] $62,826 [bathroom light fixtures] $62,106 [bathroom lights] $51,585 [bathroom faucet] $51,504 Over $10,000 per Month [outside lighting] $47,784 [bathroom light] $45,617 [low voltage lighting] $44,550 [pendant lights] $42,897 [ceiling lighting] $42,328 [wall sconce] $41,292 [bathroom ideas] $39,960 [contemporary lighting] $36,784 [lighting stores] $34,933 [fluorescent lighting] $34,336 [lamp lighting] $32,670 [modern lighting] $32,560 [commercial lighting] $30,888 [wall lighting] $29,889 [kitchen lights] $29,403 [lighting fixture] $28,755 [rustic lighting] $27,459 [interior lighting] $27,423 [vanity lights] $26,973 [deck lighting] $26,811 [discount lighting] $26,730 [light fixture] $25,542 [outdoor lighting fixtures] $24,156 [bath faucets] $21,708 [recessed lights] $19,712 [decorative lighting] $16,500 [bath lighting] $16,128 [bath remodeling] $15,930 [vanity lighting] $13,896 [bath fixtures] $12,744 [ceiling light fixtures] $10,836 [lighting store] $10,208 Partners with Lumens Lighting

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